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Originally Posted by tomee View Post
You know I was playing a TRLE level the other day and my mom came into my room. When she heard the sound Lara makes when she pulls herself up she asked me whether she just had an orgasm. (It was the deafault TR4 SFX).

I really don't get why people are so over the top about her moaning. It's not suggestive, or at least not any more suggestive compared to how it's always been.
It's not suggestive. It's blatant. Which is dumb. It's blatant that she is being shot at, or hit, and thus in pain and reacting.

Yet everyone thinks she's having an orgasm. da hell.

I mean, I only have this video of Chloe, but if you ever played through a UC3 MP map silently as Nate...the sounds he makes just from jumping:

Anyways, I wonder if they will change up her sounds when she jumps and is hurt in TR4
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