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Arrow Sheep's TR1 Review

Tomb Raider
A Level-by-Level Review
by Sheepman23

Lara's Home

Level 1 - Caves
Level 2 - City of Vilcabamba
Level 3 - The Lost Valley
Level 4 - Tomb of Qualopec

Level 5 - St. Francis Folly
Level 6 - Colosseum
Level 7 - Palace Midas
Level 8 - Cistern
Level 9 - Tomb of Tihocan

Level 10 - City of Khamoon
Level 11 - Obelisk of Khamoon
Level 12 - Sanctuary of the Scion

Level 13 - Natla's Mines
Level 14 - Atlantis
Level 15 - The Great Pyramid

Unfinished Business

Shadow of the Cat
Level 1 - Return to Egypt
Level 2 - Temple of the Cat

Unfinished Business
Level 3 - Atlantean Stronghold
Level 4 - The Hive


I find it odd that, throughout my nearly three years on TRF, I've never actually given TR1 a proper review. And I've done a good amount of reviews, mind you.

Maybe the reason that I've avoided TR1 for so long is because a part of me is against dissecting and analyzing the game that brought me into this series. I don't really want to tear it apart and find the miniscule flaws in something that really is a masterpiece.

And yet... I haven't done a strict playthrough of this game in years. Since I have managed to somehow miraculously get TR1 working on my PC (albeit being a bit iffy - I have some background programs going on in order to support it ), I'm looking forward to taking screenshots, which I was never able to do on the PS. But I feel like I can't just take screenshots that sit there on my computer, so why not incorporate them into a little review?

However, I'm going to try a slightly different approach than I have in the past. While I'm still going to give level ratings and give a lowdown of my thoughts and feelings on different areas, I'm going to try and pick things apart a little less and instead have a more nostalgic view on everything. I have a lot of memories of my first playthrough, from things like jumping at the sound of a rogue boulder to getting the chicken pox and playing it while I stayed home from school.

At the culmination of TR1, I also plan on running through Unfinished Business as well.

So post your thoughts, comments, or whatever it is you want to say about the reviews. I'm open to criticism and whatnot. I cannot guarantee that I'm going to be able to post reviews on a regular basis, as I am very busy during the fall semester and don't always have time to play, but I'll try to keep this thing updated as much as possible.

I hope to have Lara's Home up tomorrow, or maybe tonight if I don't fall asleep beforehand...

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