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Originally Posted by AdenClements View Post
It's definitely not my hardware, my PC is built for editing HD footage
Oh, nice to see a colleague here - although now I'm unemployed!

As I have previously stated I booted up a different version of the engine, however this wouldn't let me take control of Lara, I could only fly around as a camera in the levels.
It means that freelook parameter was active; I can't understand how it relates to ability to run the binary... Suddenly it came to me: do you have AMD CPU? I'm compiling with Core2Duo optimizations, and TeslaRus had some problems with Bullet physics when compiled with some CPU optimizations... So possibly CPU is the case. Same question to Dustie - do you have AMD processor?

Could you perhaps detail the setup process of running this engine please?
Ok, anyway, the whole process of getting OpenTomb up and running was never described here, so I'm taking a chance:
  1. Get latest OpenTomb binaries and scripts from SourceForge.
  2. Update engine.exe and config.lua from this archive (basically, this engine.exe is my recent build - you can always tell my builds by custom OpenTomb "oT" icon. Main releases, which are uploaded by TeslaRus, still contain "TRE" letters as icon).
  3. Then, get all TR1-5 data files collected in /data folder. Folder structure should be like this:
    /data/tr1/data/ - for TR1 levels,
    /data/tr2/data/ - for TR2 levels, and so on.
    So, basically, just copy anything from corresponding TR /data folder into OpenTomb's /data/tr*/data/ folder (for TR2/3 - including MAIN.SFX file, or else there won't be any sound in game).
  4. Copy all game soundtracks into the same /data folder. Soundtracks should be in Ogg Vorbis format. You can easily get them all here (along with soundtrack.lua script). Just extract this archive directly into OpenTomb folder, if Windows asks you that folder already exists - say yes. After this, you should have /data/tr*/audio/ folders with soundtracks, as well as soundtrack.lua script in /scripts folder.
  5. Make sure you have specified font file in the game directory. By default, font is "veramono.ttf", but this can be changed in config.lua.
  6. Make sure you have pthreadGC2.dll and SDL2.dll files in OpenTomb directory (usually they're bundled with engine archive, so most likely you already have them).

So that's it. I can't think of anything else to be done to run it properly.
Sorry for this complicated set-up - consider that OpenTomb is still in pre-alpha stage. When it gets more stable and feature-rich, I think we should come up with some kind of installer which will do all this automatically.

Originally Posted by Dustie View Post
I'm also getting the pthreadgc2.dll error. What is this library for? I searched for it and I read it has something to do with Open Source Software..
It is needed for multi-threaded computing; TeslaRus added it to move audio engine to separate thread (ironically, current soundtrack feature is NOT running in separate thread, that's why you can get lags before playing music! )

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