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Reading through the comments of users trying to compile and run recent versions of the engine, I can feel their pain and frustration

Compiling from source is a complicated task if you are not a developer. And waiting for a new engine.7z release on sourceforge isn't that great either.
Lwmte is right saying that the engine is still in pre-alpha state and not really usable yet. But the engine made such great progress in the past, and I think many users are interested in checking out the latest features.

I myself don't have much code or features to contribute but I am interested in making life easier for developers and users. That's why I am suggesting OpenTomb to slowly adapt an easier process for test-releases.

It would be cool if every time the repo on SF gets updated, an online service is triggered that builds the new code and provides a download link to the executable. The current "official" way of releasing engine.7z can stay as it is.

What do you think? Could this be a goal worth pursuing (even in this early stage)? I have some experience with services like and (with github/bitbucket). I could look into how well Sourceforge is supported.

I made some successful experiments to cross-compile OpenTomb. If you want to try it out: here is the Windows executable for the latest commit compiled on Ubuntu 12.04. Cross-compiling allows you to build Windows executables on Linux. Why cross-compilation? Because most online build-services run Linux.
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