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Default Tomb Raider 1996 (original) 16:9 patching

Have you tried to find where you can change fov hex-ing tomb.exe?
I have found where I can zoom her in or out hex-ing tomb.exe.
I can share it with you so if we merge them together
we can nicely make a tr1 patch as well.
In the meanwhile I am still searching for the fov sectors by myself
without any success...


Originally Posted by Peixoto View Post
Let me clarify my dismissive remarks

1st: gte_accuracy.c is a fix that improves the precision of vertexes coordinates, fixing those "dancing polygons" in the PS1 games

The widescreen fix is at this file:
search for Config.Widescreen

Now, gte stands for "Geometry Transformation Engine", so it's natural to assume that the fix modifies the way the gte performs the projection transform ( to increase the horizontal fov.

The glide API doesn't provide a transformation API (look around, there is documentation available). Glide only accepts transform and lit vertexes, so there is no way that this fix can be ported to the glide wrapper.

It's possible to modify the code that does the transforms in tomb.exe itself, that is how i did widescreen patches form tomb raider 2,3 (not released), 4 and 5, but that will be no straight port of the gte fix and will require disassembling the exe with a debugger.
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