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Originally Posted by SKing View Post
The big problem here is he extracted the models and is creating a game with them, I don't think SE would allow something like that. I remeber Tomb Raider Memories had permission by SE, but that game used a original Lara Croft model.
I'm not sure AOD model is same, it much more detailed and updated. Memories used copy of TRA model it looks weird at all. and its epic how SE owns ever AOD model. when they did nothing about it.NOTHING
he can remove hair-slide no her head. it always bothered me. 2 hair-slide on ONE BRAID. like TRA model has. and it will not be copy of original.but I don't think its copy. she's different. many LE games used AOD outfit.

don't be scared with that. finish the project and share it with me. I will never give it to anybody. nobody will know about this.

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