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Originally Posted by .:Tirivol:. View Post
You have a video for the "ground" animations too? Like running, jumping, shooting...could you show it to us?
I really don't known but i will thinking... (no environement or enemies for now)

Originally Posted by ESCachuli View Post
Wow, amazing. I hope I can see the screens soon too >w<

BTW, do you have any list of features? Like "new moves", or "new areas" "new weapons" "manual platforming" "running jump and standing jump"... how the game works and so.
The new moves are the same that TR Legend/Anniversary except for the grapple (because too complicated...) and vertical poles climbing (maybe later)
I'm currently working for Swinging on Horizontal Bars
Every others features like edge climbing, ladder climbing, swimming, fighting, jumping, sprinting, crouching, rolling, pushing, kicking or zipline are finished

P.S: I've reupload the screenchots
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