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Originally Posted by vvsgh View Post
Isn't that what we actually want? I'd say we should do even more. Not only we should separate modules, but we should define an API as well. But it's not a priority right now.
To some degree certainly. But if a developer decides to implement, say, better logging of engine events, then that's something that will affect code all over the place.

For things that are clearly separated new features, I fully agree with what you propose. I just think there are a lot of cases that aren't that.

Originally Posted by vvsgh View Post
That depends on cooperation from different developers. Nobody has access to all platforms for testing. Sometimes it's desirable to be able to work on new features early, even if those features are not ready for GA. But working with separate repositories makes it unnecessary hard for many developers.
I don't think so. What TeslaRus proposes is basically the default model for which both Git in general and Github in particular were built and optimized, and I think it's an approach that works really well.

The idea is not that everyone has to test on all platforms before making a merge request. But going with merge requests means people have a chance to look at the code, see what it's doing and how it's written, and propose changes where necessary before adding it to the master tree.
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