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Originally Posted by Hazelphoenix View Post
I took a peak at some of the pages dedicated to Core's Anniversary Edition in Megan's book to see if something interesting came out of it, and actually I noticed something quite odd.

There is a quote from Anniversary's game director Jason Botta that caught my attention, which is the following:

"We had absolutely no idea" said Crystal Dynamics' Anniversary game director Jason Botta, when asked about the day the Core trailer went online. Immediately after putting Legend to bed, they were tasked with starting a ten-year tribute. "After we were in production, that video leaked on the PSP one and it hit everyone on the team as a complete surprise"

(Should this be against the rules, mods feel free to edit my post. Since the book already came out I figured it wouldn't be illegal to post this)

He clearly implies that Crystal wasn't aware of Core's version until the trailer leaked onto the web, and this came as a huge surprise to all of them. Apparently, Eidos asked Crystal to do the same thing and start a remake after they were done with Legend, making it easier to believe that both software houses were working at the same time on the same project without knowing anything about each other's work.

However, Core's producer at the time they were developing AE, Steve Pritchard, wrote a bunch of comments on a fan page a while ago, and this bit is particularly interesting in relation to Botta's statement:

"The last presentation to the SCi board had Gav and I demoing the Playstation version AND the PSP version, both of which had co-op gameplay in it. They were rough around the edges, still some way from alpha, but if you knew the original game well you could see where we had added real fan service, extra content and just cool stuff that expanded on the original narrative. It felt good to show off, it was received well, but that last presentation had us re-introduced to Toby Gard and some of the CD team who were there to see it. Two days later we got the news that they were going to do the Anniversary project, using their engine and tech from TR Legend. And that was that."

So, Core held a few meetings to showcase their progress with the remake and the last one involved Toby Gard and some Crystal member too surprisingly. Two days later they were told the project was cancelled, meaning that Crystal was actually aware of their project even before the trailer leaked and Core got canned, and clashing with Botta's version of the facts.

So... Did Crystal know about this secret project of Core before the cancellation, or not? Some things don't quite add up.
Here's a year old interview with Core where this situation was commented on
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