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Originally Posted by Hazelphoenix View Post
I took a peak at some of the pages dedicated to Core's Anniversary Edition in Megan's book to see if something interesting came out of it, and actually I noticed something quite odd. [...]

So... Did Crystal know about this secret project of Core before the cancellation, or not? Some things don't quite add up.
We can't know for certain, but on the balance of probabilities, I'd say Crystal knew before the Core version was cancelled.

As well as the Core employee interviews saying that Crystal knew... At the time when the TRAE trailer leaked, someone on here linked a Crystal employee's social media page / blog (something like that) where this person talked about how they at Crystal Dynamics were so shocked & nervous when they heard that Core were making a 10 year anniversary edition of TR1, and that they were worried that Core were going to get the franchise back. And that Crystal worked to ensure that did not happen.

I tried to find it on here before but couldn't. But it definitely happened because I remember reading the blog, etc.

I don't blame Crystal for fighting to keep the franchise, however I will say this concerning Eidos / SCi - for god's sake did they not realise that the FANS would want the original creators to remake TR1 for the 10th Anniversary celebration? Have they never been fans of anything? [I suppose they did have Toby Gard on TRA - but to me it's obvious that in no way was he in charge of the direction the game went in, he was only a consultant]

Also, if Crystal did know, and I think they did, I think it would be better if they just said they knew. I'd respect that.
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