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Thank you all for your kind words!
Originally Posted by Dustie View Post
Mesmerising... Being able to decipher all this stuff from a compiled program code, one must be genius...
Originally Posted by Dustie View Post
We wholeheartedly apologise for that. There are some community members who expect everything to be given away freely, even others' hard work. Most of us here are not like that and understand that it is special to see talents like you dedicate their free time to bringing such treats to fans. Please don't get discouraged.
No problem. All people are different, and not everyone realizes how many mechanisms are hidden behind a "simple animated picture". I'm just glad that I will give them the opportunity to fully plunge into it.
Originally Posted by Teeth View Post
Do you plan to release this to the public?
Of course! Otherwise what would be the sense in this whole multi-year project?
Originally Posted by Teeth View Post
What else do you hope to bring to PC players? I'm thinking of the reflective save crystals and gold Lara from TR1.

These reflective textures are extremely curious, I have not yet examined them in detail, but I understand approximately what the essence of the implementation is. And it seems for gold and crystals, the game uses the same algorithm, but with different color filters (blue/yellow). So yeah, someday I can recreate these effects. I also plan to add a hardmode to the game. When you select the "New Game" option, you will be offered a difficulty level. At hardmode, the ability to save anytime is turned off, but crystals will appear in the levels, as in the PSX.

The TR1 project will be launched after our TR2 and TR3 releases. Now there is too much competition among the projects concerning the first game of the series. Mainly, it's TombATI and not yet published official remastered one from realtech VR. I know that TombATI is quite limited, despite it seems to be a solution to all problems, and Realtech VR is lazy enough to create a product that at least extends beyond the source code they have - it's visible on a pile of minor issues, which remained in their implementations. I fixed them right in assembler, and they do not want to change anything for several years, having the source code! Last year, we published the patch for the original DOSBox version, but it was useful to a small number of people. Not because the patch is bad, but because there are more interesting and convenient alternatives. The main idea is to make a really decent product, you need much more time to develop. But don't worry I still have aces in the hole to surprise everyone.

  • Waving inventory wallpaper (as you see, it's done)
  • Gradient HP/Air Bars, exactly the same as PSX version has (almost done)
  • Half transparent water surface textures, gunshots, etc. (work in progress)
  • Barefoot step sound FX (someday, I don't know when. This thing is related to the content, not the code)

  • Gradient HP/Air Bars
  • Better weather effects, more visible laser beams
  • Spinning picked up item, like in the Demo
  • Difficulty levels:
    1. Anytime save enabled, green HP Crystals available
    2. Anytime save enabled, there is no HP/Save Crystals
    3. Anytime save disabled, blue Save Crystals available
  • Echoed sound effects
  • Footprints feature.

For all games there are bugfixes, draw/fog distance settings, native FMV HD support, native HD Image files support, native support of external texture packs, language packs. I could just post here our TR2 changelog, but probably this should be done as a separate topic, because the size of the changes list is quite large.
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