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Sexualisation as a marketing tactic will always be used as long as it works, and it still does despite the backlash against it in recent years.

The fact is, people like the sexy, and it's not just men it's women too. The first thing you notice about other people is the way they look. If the first thing you notice about a magazine cover, a commercial for a TV show, or a video game for that matter, is that there's sexy people (men too, not just women) in it, it is more likely to grab your attention.

I'm not saying sex is the only motivation for paying attention, of course most people do want a good story and quality content, but it's that first thing you notice about something and it draws you in. Look, a hot stud with abs and a nice beard, or a curvy woman with DD boobs. It grabs attention so well and that's why it works.
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