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Originally Posted by Isaac View Post
First, the matchmaking seems to be all over the place. People don't work together. The game definitely shine when you play with friends but with strangers it's an unfun mess. To this day I still haven't survived one game.
This is an unfortunate part of the game, but the higher the rank that you reach, the less issues you'll find in solo queue.

Secondly, the maps are extremely small, except for maybe the Michael Myer halloween neighborhood or the meat factory from Leatherface.
As someone who plays both killer and survivor equally, I completely disagree. The only small maps are Badham Preschool and Gideon Meat Packing Plant. The other maps may seem small to survivor mains, but they really, really aren't.

Third, the whole being hang on a weird machine, finding levers to open a doors, find a hidden trapdoor are all abstract scenarios that just don't feel... immersive?
To each their own. I personally love it, although I do wish there was a secondary objective.

And fourth, the options to survive are extremely too little and limited. You cannot kill the killer, for instance. There is only one exit, maybe two if you find the secret door. I'm not even sure you can survive by simply... staying alive the whole game. You always have to activate generators, activate the switch door and leave. Everytime. All of which are locked behind long boring QTEs. The element of surprise fade off after a while.
I have to disagree with this one tbh.
Something I particularly dislike about Friday the 13th is the fact that you can kill the killer. Survivors in DbD already have so much power over how the match plays out, that this mechanic would completely break the game more than it already is.

I'm also not sure what you mean by "I'm not even sure you can survive by simply... staying alive the whole game." could you elaborate?

Are they planing to release more and bigger maps in the future? Is this game still receiving updates?
They just released a ridiculously large map a fe weeks ago, which is almost completely survivor-biased due to its size and it containing so many good pallet loops.
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