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Originally Posted by ThatSassyKid View Post
I have to disagree with this one tbh.
Something I particularly dislike about Friday the 13th is the fact that you can kill the killer. Survivors in DbD already have so much power over how the match plays out, that this mechanic would completely break the game more than it already is.

I'm also not sure what you mean by "I'm not even sure you can survive by simply... staying alive the whole game." could you elaborate?
Killing Jason in F13th relies on near perfect coordination with tons of RNG. It’s a case of high risk vs high reward, something DbD doesn’t really offer since most objectives are gated behind long QTEs. I never really felt in power of anything, especially thanks to matchmaking lol.

But even without making the killer vulnerable, they could have given more options.

As for what I meant, in F13th you can survive if you stay alive for the duration of the game’s timer (15 min). There is no such thing in DbD afaik. Generator > Lever > Door is always the routine to survive.

Now of course I’m not implying all games are the same, but the novelty wore off very fast to me, mostly due to the QTE nature of everything.

Originally Posted by ThatSassyKid View Post
They just released a ridiculously large map a fe weeks ago, which is almost completely survivor-biased due to its size and it containing so many good pallet loops.
Neat. I might check this out then.

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