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Okay here is my take for a "recipe for success":
  • Don't commit the Reboot Trilogy mistake: her origin story was the first movie. That is done. Don't drag that concept for more than one movie. Even if this is still early on Lara's life, she already had her origins. So let her be a proper adventurer this time.
  • Maintain the tone of the first movie. It was serious when it needed to be, but also fun and exciting when needed as well. It was perfect. What the movie needs to be more "commercially attractive" is something else.
  • Have Lara recognisable as Lara Croft. And I don't mean "just give her a braid and duals". This is still more based in reboot Lara, so I think that being properly geared up should also be part of the look. Definitely give Lara the duals (after the ending of the first one, Lara definitely needs to have them), but also her axes and her even bow and arrow. The necklace as a personal touch. Braid or Ponytail I am ambivalent really, they all are "Lara Croft" to me. Maybe both styles like in CoL.
  • Go big on scope. This is what audiences want: big, exciting adventures. The 2018 movie felt too small, even if it happen in a whole island. And the 94 M budget is enough to make something big in scope. Even a smaller, but properly used budget can be. Make things interesting and exciting to watch, and people will want to watch it.
  • Have complex characters and character relations. Ana should be the main antagonist of the new movie, but she shouldn't be just a evil villain. It would be far more interesting to have both her and Lara still have mixed feelings towards each other.

    Lara is absolutely right to hate and wanting to take down this woman who used her for nefarious deeds, but she still is the woman who raised, and raised her well after Richard's disappearance. Ana would of course be annoyed to have this kid trying to undermine her entire operation, especially if she is doing everything to save her life like in RotTR, but still, she had to watch her grow for 7 year, she feels attached to Lara.

    A relation like this would already make for a much compelling dramatic conflict that connects the action of the movie. And much better than "girl misses daddy" from the first one.

    And of course, extend that to every other character in the movie. Lu Ren feels like he owns Lara a favour, but maybe he is not fully confortable with this sort of life. Or maybe he is, but he is just reluctant to change. Again, if we follow RotTR, Konstantin could have a deep internal conflict between being 100% faithful to Trinity and saving his sister life. Jacob (or Sofia, if we go for a more feminist route) could be too thorn from giving up his powers and immortality to save his people, because he feels that it is those powers who allow him to save and help them.

    And complex characters sell, especially complex villains. It is part of the success (especially critically) of Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity Wars. And a movie like Tomb Raider definitely needs critics behind it to succeed.
  • Most importantly: regardless of being a faithful adaptation of the games, of being just loosely based like the 2018 movie, or being a completely original story like the AJ movies, this movie absolutely needs a well written, well plotted script, with good dialogue and interesting story. It was the one thing that was missing from the 2018 movie to make in not just okay but actually good. And if Alicia and the rest of the cast made such a good job with a mediocre script, imagine with something actually good! Everything else, besides scope, was pretty much nailed in the 2018 movie. It just needed that extra touch to be at least a less "polarizing" and more well regarded movie.

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