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Thousand percent agree with OP on this.

I think the first movie already did amazing on Lara's personality, she was very classic-like. Just to sum up what I want quickly without getting too wordy:

1. Leave Lara's parental drama in the past, no more mention of mum or dad

2. Keep it up with the witty and rebellious personality Lara had in the first movie

3. Dual pistols are a must

4. Go big or go home with fantastical stuff, give us dinosaurs, mummies, or ancient gods

5. Keep human enemies to a minimum, it's more fun to watch Lara shooting dinos

6. Don't focus too much on companions. Lu Ren was done well and didn't hold Lara back, and he also wasn't at her side 24/7. Keep it that way, he can help her here and there but for the most part, the only companion Lara needs are her dual pistols and her motorcycle

7. No love story. The community all view Lara's sexuality differently, many of us view her as asexual even, so let that stay with the viewer's imagination and don't go there. Not every attractive female lead needs a love story

8. Create a brand new adventure, no more being limited to a specific game story
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