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Originally Posted by ccroft2003 View Post
I thought I'd start this thread to discuss what we (as fans) perceive TR to be and what we believe would make a successful Tomb Raider movie.

This is to try and sum up to the new writer, Amy Jump what we want to see and what would compete with the crowded world of superhero movies.

My recipe for a successful TR movie is this:

1. A witty, cocky Lara (from the classics) with a no-fear, no **** attitude that makes mistakes but learns from them. A Lara that does what she wants to do and is not following in her father's footsteps... We've seen the "weak, inexperienced Lara" and no-one (main cinema goers) cares about her!!!

2. A female antagonist that's Lara's equal to intellectually that you really feel is a danger. Bore-off with the male bad-guys.

3. Multiple exotic, global locations to keep viewers entertained. Don't bore us with one drabby location like Yamatai in the last movie. The 2001 movie smashed this with Cambodia, Venice, England and Siberia. Make us feel we're on a journey.

4. DUEL PISTOLS! Give us some action. Hell, throw in some rocket launchers!

5. Fantasy elements - TR has ALWAYS been about this. Merge a fantasy element within a real, believable world. How awesome would it be to see a "Lost Valley" with T-REX from the 1st game?

6. Pay homage to the games but DON'T STICK TO THEM! They're far too complex to translate fully for a movie, pave a new path.
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