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Originally Posted by biscuits View Post
I think Tomb Raider in general will rest for a while. I don't mean it will be abandoned or go on hiatus or whatever. I think they're just going to have a much longer development cycle so they can work on making it a next gen title. They might build the entire thing from the ground up in terms of assets, graphics, animations, etc. The reboot trilogy has a solid and good run in these 5 years, but sticking to the (IMO) stale formula won't help them. They'll probably work on changing things up and making it fresh again.

But that depends on the Marvel deal.
From what we know of the Avengers game, it is NOT a single player action adventure game on the likes of Tomb Raider or Uncharted. It's a live service game with a heavy focus on co-op gameplay. So more of a GAAS title similar to Anthem or Destiny. Those types of games usually get extended developer support for years after launch.

In short, I think Square will have their western developers focus on Marvel projects for the coming years. EM also has to work on a Guardians game. Their baby Deus Ex is probably never returning.
Maybe that's why Crystal Northwest was created. EM and CD can create the games and CN can keep support for them, especially if the Marvel games are services and require long term support.
That way the two studios can move on and keep producing games while still giving support to the franchises out there through Northwest.
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