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Default Break time: Tomb Raider Nostalgia (TRN)

Hi all,

Link to Github project.

Direct access to demo (when viewing a level, hit the H key to display an help panel with all usable keys).

Not really of any use, except for a bit of Nostalgia (for me), but at least this project is now "finished" (I had started it in 2013 and left it because of lack of time/interest - TR developer syndrome as it is called, though source code is released!).

It's a level (+cutscene) viewer for TR1/2/3 (wanted also to support TR4, but it will have to wait - maybe forever).

Nothing fancy, you can free-fly into the level, but nothing is playable: try OpenLara instead, which is much more advanced in every way.

[EDIT - 2019/08/18]
TR4 levels are now supported.

I tried to support a number of specific TR4 features:
* Directional, point and spot lights (for moveables objects, as in original TR)
* Scrolling skydome
* Scrolling textures (room and objects)
* Bump mapped textures in rooms

I also added a number of options in the control panel, that should be self explanatory: Show portals, No bump mapping, No moveable texture.

That's it for now, I'm more or less where I wanted to be 6 years ago...

[EDIT - 2019/11/08]
Lots of changes since last time, biggest one being TR4 cutscene replay is now supported (thanks to Sapper and T4Larson for working out the file format).

Among other changes:
* Lara braid (credits to XProger!)
* You can use either BabylonJS or Threejs as the 3D engine (but you will have some particle effects only with BabylonJS)
* Improved replay for some TR1/2/3 cutscenes
* Added a control bar in cutscene replay mode: keep the mouse 1s at the bottom of the screen to show the bar

Note that because of the numerous changes, the project is now called TRN2 and has its own Github repository.

Take care,

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