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Not sure what to think on the RE3 trailer.. I mean, it looks amazing and I can already spot some key plot points in there.

But I'm not a big fan of having Nemesis chasing her right from the start at her apartment.
Unless I'm mistaken.
Lets hope I'm wrong but having the reveal and Brad die like in the original (even if they altered the location and timing of it for shock)
lad the original outfits are there but the fact its pre order bonus.. grr!

Voices sound good - Jill sounds a little too high pitched for my liking but I guess that makes her sound more like her RE1 counterpart.

Also really hoping Carlos stays as a side character and doesn't get his own campaign.. Keep it for DLC or side mission or something.
I want Jill to remain the focus here.. without having her have to share screentime with a sidecharacter, which is what he is.

Regardless.. seeing the city and the sheer amount of zombies looks intense and I look forward to it - hopefully they've taken any criticism from RE2 and gone with that. Mainly making areas more faithful to the original.
I also spotted the Liquor Store from original RE2 in there which was cool ^^)

Now that I look at it, her redesign looks a lot like her RE1 outfit in terms of palette - perhaps this was done so she matched her overall character design(RE1, RE5 etc all had blue as her theme)
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