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I'd want basically underworld's combat system back but with Core-Design style ammo/weapon/health pick-ups. (You even have a more accurate manual aim for longer distances.)

The reboot's system is just clunky and hillariously broken, it manages to be one of the biggest ways the game undercuts it's own message of " A SURVIVOR IS BORN." by having her basically be a Terminator with Tear Ducts, resources are super common, fighting animals is incredibly awkward due to the over-the-shoulder prespective and how it's handled and basically, its incredibly easy, unless you're doing Rise with non-regnerative health, in which case it just gets incredibly easy once you start getting upgrades.

Lara also has too much zoom and the enemy AI is too braindead to make chain-headshotting groups not way too easy, I am not a good headshot machine but Enemies are too predicatable for me not to be.

In Rise, it is never a question of "Which weapon is more suited to the situation", its a question of "Do I want to use the hillariously broken alternate arrow types to end the fight in 5 seconds or do I want it to take 10 seconds of headshots."

I want a simple but working combat system where managing resources and which weapon is best against how available it's ammo is with the biggest focus on puzzles and exploration, give a me a simple, working combat system and put the focus on in-depth platforming/puzzles and finding secrets that reward me and give a feeling of Catharsis when I get to let loose with those uzi's I found as a secret a few levels back.

When I play AOD and I get the Scorpion-X machine pistols, when I get the Rocket Launcher in TR3 or when I get super grenades in TR4, I actually conserve them and save them a bit since they're rare and useful, when I get Grenades in 2013/Rise, eh, I'll get them back 6 seconds later from the people I just killed.
"What does it mean to be a Tomb Raider?,It means to collect artifacts for sport"

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