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Currently there's no way to directly edit textures in WT, and also it's not possible to export your 3D assets to any file format to be read by any other software That's a shame, and export feature is long-requested, but as I said earlier, all people who were involved with TE/WT are now dragged to T5M development, so you may need to wait for these features to appear in WT.

For now, I can only think of compiling your wad to dummy .tr4 level and then try to export models from it with utils like TRViewer and/or WM, but there's a problem in that these tools can't read texture coordinates properly.

Since TRViewer source code is available and IIRC it was maintained by sapper, probably best bet is to ask him to update TRViewer so it reads tex coords correctly, then open your dummy level in it, export your model to .3ds and re-import it via WadViewer or directly edit it in any 3D software and then re-import back into WT. I will ask sapper in Discord if he's able to do that.
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