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Originally Posted by Stryke View Post
Hmm I am having one problem. I thought it would iron itself out with the new version. I'm having some random distortion of textures. Weeks ago the texture wouldn't appear but that hasn't happened. It like straightened itself out. Now it's just the distortion. In the editor it looks fine. Could there be a reason for this?
I have this issue too. There's usually one texture that gets distorted per conversion. If I reconvert the level, it goes away and I may find another distorted one in a different room. Its not really a big deal to me because its one texture.

The other problem I have with distorted textures is using the texture ceiling and floor options. So in NGLE, it would apply the texture smoothly over the triangles so its seamless, but in Tomb Editor, it jumbles it up. So if you use random smooth floor up/down on the ceiling, and then texture all on it, its all over the place and you have to manually adjust each triangle, which could take awhile. Maybe there is a way for this not to happen but I think I missed it.

Out of curiosity, do you happen to know the texinfo limit?

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