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Originally Posted by matrix54 View Post
I want the game to be done like REmake :The same, with more content - much of the script was even more or less the same. It's totally respectful to the source material while adding in new ideas to keep it fresh. I don't know what they're doing with RE2 and RE3 - they may as well just make a new games.
I feel the majority of us Classic RE fans wanted this for years.
When it was revealed RE2R was 3rd Person there were fans that were not happy, others it grew on and then fans that wanted it to be 3rd or FPS from the start because Fixed Cameras are outdated.

People will find it stupid but I'm still pissed at this reimagining theme. Ever since REmake's release in 2002 we begged for Capcom to give RE2 the same treatment. That formula would have been perfect.
When they finally decided to Remake 2, they wanted to get experimental and change things. They could have saved that for the next instalment in the series (RE8).
I've said it before but the scariest thing in RE2R is the Lickers. Everything thing else did nothing. I won't go into (again) how the story is terrible and stuff.

We also asked for another Outbreak (or HD Remaster of the two) for YEARS, but they give us Project Trash instead
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