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Originally Posted by JCGaming View Post
So why did they approve the first 2 in the first place? Surely he made a mistake Don't get me wrong I think Realtech was the idiot here not Square but what went wrong and why couldn't they resolve there issues? I still don't understand it and I probably never will.
I'm sorry but...did you read the thread's posts?

Square Enix given TR1 and TR2's source code to Realtech VR, so that they could make the remasters. So they received the source codes in a LEGIT way.

But Square never given TR3's source code to Realtech VR, they probably contacted an old Core Design developer and got it from them. In fact, if I remember correctly, some hours after Realtech VR announced they were working on TR3's remaster, TR3's source code spreaded on GitHub. In this way, Square understood Realtech obtained TR3's source code in an illegal way, so they just stopped TR3's renaster development. They probably never will work with Realtech VR anymore.

Understood? Do you need any more explanation? Because I thought I was pretty clear before.

They stopped TR3's remaster development and probably never will get another developer to develop it since it is a very old game and only a very few people will be interested in it. Aslo because TR1 and TR2's mobile remasters didn't make much profit for Square Enix.
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