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Smile Hi there!

Hi everyone, June here. It's my nickname for the online world since I consider Polina (my given name) to be boring I'm 23, from Latvia, Russian by nationality.

I have been a TR fan ever since my dad and I played TR5 and AOD around 2003-4. The first game bought for my PC was TR4, I had tapes with the movies, and even cosplayed Lara when I was a kid. I "lived" on Russian TR forums back then, but used this forum,, and trsearch for fan-games, tutorials, and materials.

I am still a huge fan, and I love all "reincarnations" of Lara equally! She has always been and is my role model. I have dabbled in TR level editing as a child, but school got the best of me, this is why I have never finished a level. Well, recently the spark has re-ignited, and I am working on a level now. I have just finished my bachelors in tehnical translation and applied for masters, but I hope to find time for the level. With the support of this community I think everything is possible
woah, das ist so philosophisch :o // working on TR: Shadows of the Past
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