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The latest commits sound great! I have yet to try them!

Anyways, I decided to add support for Tomb Raider Chronicles Dreamcast level files. It works *almost* perfectly. There are some changes to the format in comparison to PC. I've finally figured out that these changes weren't that drastic as I had originally thought and subsequently can now load them.

The current problems are:

1. Misc texture format is unknown.
2. Some very small lighting bugs. Values will probably need converting to PC ones.
3. Sound effects are not ADPCM encoded. It looks like a custom encoding to me so they don't play.
4. Dreamcast only has 16-bit textures. PC has 32-bit ones as well. Not really a problem since OpenTomb converts them anyway *i think* and it loads 16-bit textures just fine!
5. Files have no version info, they cannot be distinguished between PC files without a cheap *hack*. There is no magic/identifier.

Luckily there are many similarities between the two plaforms. Tomb Raider 4 Dreamcast level files are identical to PC anyway. They just based Tomb Raider Chronicles' Dreamcast level format on PC then altered it for platform specific optimisation purposes.


Most people will probably wonder why I chose to do this. It's simply because I'm interested in the 4 leftover test levels on disc. 3 which are completely unknown. These levels are:

DEL.TRC (Already known, Del's test leve. Leftover on PC version)
TOM.TRC (Unknown, Tom's test level. has beta Rome textures)
GIBBY.TRC (*Now known*, Gibby's test level)
JOBY1.TRC (Unknown, Has mansion textures)


All these level files have a slightly different format to the final game. This is clear evidence these files were not built for the final build but from a range of different beta versions. Currently I have figured out the format differences for DEL.TRC, the format also matches GIBBY.TRC so they both load now! I will most likely look into the format differences for TOM.TRC/JOBY1.TRC and try get them to load within OpenTomb because evidence suggests they both have their own unique format which is why I can't load them yet.

These files have baffled me for years now! I finally might be able to uncover what each of these levels hold for the first time in 14 years.. 2 more to go




Notice the weird ammo in the inventory?



Is the source available for the Model viewer that used to be distributed with OpenTomb? Perhaps there are more different items hidden, or I could just change what items are in the inventory I guess...

Link removed. I appreciate why, but the rule applies to everyone.

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