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Can you change how far away the enemy can see you?

Currently, the enemy can see you from eight sectors away.

Can we reduce this field of vision to say, three?

Is it anything to do with this?

Originally Posted by AkyV
If X enemy has Y AI property

TriggerGroup= 1, $5000, X, $36, > ; defining the object with its X ID code you see in Room Editor
$2000, 256, $2710, > ; * put the actual AI status into Global Short Alfa1 (GSA1) variable
$8000, 16, $W028; if GSA1 is the number at W0 position of PARAM_BIG_NUMBERS, W0 (must be typed in hexadecimal format now in the trigger code)is 0 in this example

Y values are:

35: the enemy doesn't have an AI property, because:

a, he's dropped his AI properties when he's been distracted by Lara, or
b, you've made him drop all the AI properties by the command above, or
c, he will have GUARD AI property, but only later, if you will force it on him.

547: the enemy has GUARD AI property, because

a, he's standing at an AI_GUARD object, or
b, you've forced GUARD property on him, or
c, he's reached the second AI_AMBUSH object from the first one, or
d, he was standing at an AI_GUARD and an AI_MODIFY object but you've forced GUARD property on him.

1059: the enemy has AMBUSH AI property, because he's running from the first AI_AMBUSH object to the second one.
2083: the enemy has PATROL AI property, because he's patrolling between AI_PATROL1 and AI_PATROL2 objects.
4131: the enemy has MODIFY AI property, because he's standing at an AI_MODIFY object.
4643: the enemy has GUARD+MODIFY AI property, because he's standing at an AI_GUARD and an AI_MODIFY object.

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