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I use a slightly different pack.

It uses a folder called "music" and 2 .dll files, and it's exactly the same solution that I use in ATI version of TR1 and UB. It uses .flac files, and I think is a better solution than PaulD's one, as you just dump the files in without having to convert them into a .dat file. It's available in the first post of GLRAGE solution thread on these forums.

Here are the .dll files only, and in case you want it, the source code for the wrapper.

Here are the .dll files and the music folder with TR2 music, for simplicity.

EDIT: Oh yes, found another one to add to my list of TR differences. Will update the previous post.

TR1-2-3 save slot information - refined in TR4 & TR5. These will always show the number of saves when you save or load, no matter what. However, TR1-2-3 will only show it when you're overwriting a save slot that already have a save file before the game was run. If you're saving in an empty slot, it will show the level name, but will not show the number of saves until you close the game and run it again.

TR1 & TR2 look button while handstanding - refined in TR3, where it will allow you to see what's behind you when climbing with a handstand (great to check if there's a safe place behind you to land on when traversing a slope). TR2 will allow you to use the look button, but it won't allow you to see what's behind you. TR1 will do nothing if the look button is pressed while Lara is handstanding.

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