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Originally Posted by Sardoc View Post
I use a slightly different pack.

It uses a folder called "music" and 2 .dll files, and it's exactly the same solution that I use in ATI version of TR1 and UB. It uses .flac files
I'm developing a better native solution, combining both a FMV player and an audio player in single DLL. Also in the long term, this solution can be used to overlay the .srt subtitles during the audio or FMV playback. Any file format / folder can be easily customized. Any of the option (original/wrapped CD Audio / PaulD's solution / external audio files of selected format) could be used out of the box without changing the code.
Originally Posted by Sardoc View Post
I think is a better solution than PaulD's one, as you just dump the files in without having to convert them into a .dat file.
Yes, I understand. I've added PaulD's solution first, because it uses WinAPI only and because Steam uses it. Many people may want to just patch Steam version without any additional actions.
Originally Posted by Sardoc View Post
TR1-2-3 save slot information - refined in TR4 & TR5. These will always show the number of saves when you save or load, no matter what. However, TR1-2-3 will only show it when you're overwriting a save slot that already have a save file before the game was run. If you're saving in an empty slot, it will show the level name, but will not show the number of saves until you close the game and run it again.
This is known "requester" display bug, and it will be fixed. Number of save must be displayed always.
Originally Posted by SLAYER View Post
Once the new FMV player is in place, can we have a skip intro FMVs option?
Originally Posted by jonusiescu View Post
Are you planning any updates in the not-too-distant future? I don't want to rush you, I just don't know if I should wait for the new version.
Right now, I continue to decompile the code, then add new features to it. As soon as I finish the next piece of code, I will implement
  • Lara's Home Assault results saved to registry (now results clear after game exit)
  • HD background images support
  • Reworked FMV playback (also with HD video support)
I don't how many time I need for these tasks. Maybe one week or few weeks. But full list of plans is much longer. Probably, I should create a separate thread, or ask the moderators to rename this one, because the animated background of the inventory has already been implemented, and we are discussing more and more new things.
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