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Originally Posted by thabani33 View Post
^ The live action look and animation didn't work for me since the characters didn't have a wide range of emotions in their performances.

The Jungle Book I believe pulled it off well since it had a good balance of realism and cartoony feel mixed together. Then Jon Favreau had to complain that the masterpiece 2016 Jungle Book was not realistic enough, then because of that we got the soul-less 2019 Lion King *sigh*
That sounds like a load of assumption and unlikely to be true - no director goes "hmm, yeah, let's make them less expressive this time around". This is also the first time I have heard the claim that Favreau decided that it wasn't 'realistic enough'.

I think what is more likely is that Favreau had his idea to make a film that might or might not have been more loosely based on the original - same story beats, different way of unfolding like TJB. I believe that Disney likely interfered after seeing that sticking rigidly to the source material worked for Beauty And The Beast. Things had to be changed even fairly late in the game (only four of the five songs were going to be included which explains why Be Prepared received such a bad re-envisioning - it was added in late to the game) and that meant less time for the 3D artists and animators to work, so expressions were the things that wound up being worked on less because they needed to get the movement animations done.

You also have to account for the way things are done - the workflow - that might have changed between the two films. New technologies come out that can alter the way digital films like this are approached.

TLDR: Favreau probably wanted to go his own way, Disney kept interfering, and this film was the result.

And let's be honest here: The Jungle Book was a damn good film, but it was not a masterpiece.
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