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Originally Posted by TRExpertgamer View Post
That's right!! But other than that I believe that Tomb Raider the angel of darkness could have been released on August 12, 2003 instead of the 17th of June because it definitely needed more than enough time to properly finish this game so it can finally be ready for it's release really. But unfortunately it didn't as it absolutely wasn't necessary to get it released while the movie was still filming during that time.
Correct me if Iím wrong but I read some things about Angel of Darkness in some of my PlayStation 2 magazines, the original release date was November 2001 which was about 5 months after Tomb Raider 2001 movie was released. Game got delayed to November 2002 then the minds of Eidos were changed and decided to release the game in June 2003, complete or incomplete. Iím not sure whether it was true what they said about Eidos and Core.
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