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This looks like the 1 & only TOMB RAIDER GAME that deserves to get properly finished WAY WAY BACK FROM 2003!! Correct? I'll always certainly worship the fact that how much that the rest of the ststory got BLURTED OFF with Kurtis attempting to hookup with Lara because I very much imagine that how prudish Lara really has the right to feel like ever since she came along from TR1, She always deserves to be the VERY MOST self-reliant type of girl that she deserves to become every single day which I rather see so much in Lara Croft so that kind of sign of that methmethod applied into this game for that matter to be done on writing to begin with. Instead Kurtis going after Lara so much like I can picture so much out of my own imagination that SHE REALLY DOESN'T WANT TO GET INVOLVED WITH ANY KIND OF MAN AT ALL I REALLY BET SO MUCH OUT OF THAT FOR LARA!! I just hate the fact that how very manipulative Eidos Interactive was from 2003 to begin with because it even really does represent a finishing time of my own period that I was born within as well!! The 7th period rules as it deserves to be unbreakable!! Now can you guys even imagine if any of you Tomb Raider fans can get all of your own ages up to 220 years old so we can see how special will the Tomb Raider franchise will turn out to be like
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