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Originally Posted by TR1249 View Post
But TRF told me that no one's gonna remember the Reboot and that nothing will top Classic Lara
TRF exists in a different reality , just accept that .

Joking aside but I don't get why many people in this place vehemently stick with the idea that the reboot being remembered automatically means the Classics' burial , it's such a stupid and childish notion .

I'm not equating TR2013's impact to that of the original TR obviously , but anyone who denies that TR2013 actually did something needs an instant reality check . To this day , it's still featured near the top spots on lists the likes of "most successful franchise reboots" or "Best action adventure games" , climbing the radio tower is usually referenced as one of the most memorable gaming moments of the last generation , the 5 years promo leading to its release were a brilliant time to be TR fan , everybody was crazy about the game and Lara .

Crystal weren't lying when they acknowledged they were making the game of their careers , it really was (although CD still had Legacy of Kain) .

Then Rise's Xbox exclusivity happened.....*Sigh*
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