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This keeps getting better and better, and it was already amazing to begin with!
Export of statics works now perfectly on my end and I'm a big fan of the way applying shine and transparency has been integrated into the addon. Many thanks for adding the option to batch export to OBJ as well!
Having the option to adjust rotation on import is also greatly appreciated. One thing I noticed is that Moveables without rig (like inventory items and puzzle pieces) are not affected by the rotation-transform though when ticking "rotate objects upright".
Again, not really a problem since objects can easily be rotated manually - just mentioning in case that's the sort of thing you'd like people to report.
I think having the option "rotate upright" ticked by default is probably going to be more convenient - I suspect that it's going to be used way more often than it's not going to be used.
Thank you for this great update!
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