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Another update, this time on my notebook/laptop.

Tried forcing VSync with the Intel drivers, but this somehow breaks 3d rendering in the game such that when you reach the main menu, there are no floating menu icons. If you navigate the menu blindly to start a new game, the intro videos play, but upon loading in to the first level the screen is blank. So I got a bright idea to disable the fullscreen_hack option in glrage.ini to false. At first, I ignored the missing video in order to get in-game, and voila, the game is BUTTERY SMOOTH! Now how to deal with these blank videos? Based on the description of why this option exists, it gave me the idea to see what happens if I toggle to windowed mode and back to fullscreen while a cinematic is being played -and yup, the cinematic suddenly becomes visible -and toggling back and forth like this can be done quickly in less than a second. So decided to bind alt-enter to the 'share' button on my DS4 (the equivalent of the universal 'select' button from the NES days).

To summarize my laptop with Intel Graphics:
With Forced VSync in the Intel drivers, disabling the fullscreen_hack option, and with alt-enter bound to a button on the gamepad, it now has smooth FPS and the FMVs are visible again as soon as I double-tap the share button on my DS4.

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