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Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post

You are the same guy that made those tools that are in the bplaced RE forum right? Nice job there too mate. I might give this a go later to test it. Does it replace the enviroment textures too?
Yeah, that's me. It replaces any texture

Originally Posted by AODfan View Post
Great tool!
Now we can have the updated iOS textures in our game!

They're not very pretty but it's something
You're doing it?

Originally Posted by Dustie View Post
How does the widescreen fix work in this one? The instructions only say to put the Tomb2Fix folder in Tomb Raider 2 installation folder and run Tomb2Fix.exe if one has the multipatch already applied (which I believe I have). I did that and there's no difference in the game, it runs in my usual 640x480 pixels resolution. Do I have to run the setup again? If so, through Tomb2Fix or the original Tomb2.exe?

Moreover, when running Tomb2Fix the game doesn't see the savegame files in the original installation directory, it seems to be running as it was a fresh install.
Run the game's setup, select the resolution, than start the game: it will be at the correct aspect ratio. Help.exe has all the info you need, including a shortcut to start the game's setup

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