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Smile Back on track

Not probably what you are looking for when i post something new, but i have a bug that i found funny:

That box isn't supposed to be pitch black! I don't know why, but i have to give it a high brightness value in the editor, otherwise it looks that way.

More importantly, i feel better and with more energy now. I figured a neat way to divide the map into 2 sections to avoid doing so much vertical divisions, and it even gave me a little idea for the gameplay that i have implemented. And that way you won't turn into a skeleton waiting for screenshots.
I also figured how the tibetan bell trigger works, it's pretty simple! And i can say i will use the bell in that first level for triggering something.

I'm up to 50-something rooms now, reached that middle section. Only have about 10 mins of playtime, though, need more! I'm thinking how the gameplay will be structured in the second section.
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