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Originally Posted by Blackmoor View Post
I find the whole Jon being the rightful heir irritating because I prefer Dany but I know it's a 50:50 thing with audiences so I don't expect everyone to agree. I just hope they don't try and make her into a baddie in all this. I know she's done dubious things but I do feel that she's painted as "dark" for things that other characters are just allowed to get away with.
I don't think she'll become a "baddie" but she does obsess too much over title and the crown. Ever since Jon met her she has been very insistant about it. Like Sam asked: would she be ready to renounce the crown for her people? We know Jon did, but what about her?

She's ruthless, determined and doesn't hesitate to toss any potential opponents on the side. The good news though is that she's caring with people on her side and those she respect. Jon brought a lot of humanity in her too.

In best case scenario she'll have a moment of self-awareness and distance herself from her goal, just enough to open up to the idea that maybe it's not meant for her, or if it does the ends don't always justify the means...

Either way I'm pretty sure her feelings is what will save her.

As for my predictions, I can't help but be constantly reminded of both Bran and Daenerys' vision of the iron throne room being in ruins and filled with snow. I think they will lose whatever battle that will happen in Winterfell and King's Landing... And flee further south, or on the other continent perhaps. Not all wars are meant to be won. It could be one of these case.

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