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Originally Posted by Isaac View Post
I don't think she'll become a "baddie" but she does obsess too much over title and the crown. Ever since Jon met her she has been very insistant about it. Like Sam asked: would she be ready to renounce the crown for her people? We know Jon did, but what about her?

She's ruthless, determined and doesn't hesitate to toss any potential opponents on the side. The good news though is that she's caring with people on her side and those she respect. Jon brought a lot of humanity in her.

In best case scenario she'll have a moment of self-awareness and distance herself from her goal, just enough to open up to the idea that maybe it's not meant for her, or if it does the ends don't always justify the means...

Either way I'm pretty sure her feelings is what will save her.
I suppose this is why she's so divisive to people as I see her as inherently a good person who wants to rescue people - hence why she stayed in Essos so long to free slaves and attempt to prevent the old order from returning.

I agree she is a conqueror who is very focused on conquering the seven kingdoms and is ruthless at times, but no more than some of the others who don't get pulled up for it like she does. And I think her backstory explains why that is - how she and Viserys have lived in exile since her birth believing that they have a right to take back what is there's. As virtually anyone in that position and universe would.

In effect she has already given up the crown temporarily for her people and is risking it permanently by going after the WW before resolving the war for the 7 kingdoms first. She is doing it after seeing the WW herself because she saw what they were. And despite what Jon said to the northern lords, he didn't actually have to bend the knee for Danaerys to do this. After she rescued them from beyond the wall and saw the WW, she told him that she would help him defeat them. And then he said he'll bend the knee (paraphrasing) but strictly speaking he didn't need to because at that stage, after seeing the threat, she was prepared to do the right thing.

I personally don't think Jon has brought out any more humanity than what she has shown previously. Jon didn't tell her to stop the Dothraki raping women, or to tell her to tell Yara the iron born had to stop raping and pillaging, or to free slaves, or even not to burn Kings Landing (which is something she'd already agreed with her advisors).

Anyway I like her so I'll be really upset if she turns bad, which having seen this episode I am getting bad vibes about. We'll see.


As for my predictions, I can't help but be constantly reminded of both Bran and Daenerys' vision of the iron throne room being in ruins and filled with snow. I think they will lose whatever battle that will happen in Winterfell and King's Landing... And flee further south, or on the other continent perhaps. Not all wars are meant to be won. It could be one of these case.
Or flee to the Iron Islands maybe after what Yara said in this episode.

That would be an amazing ending if they did have to leave Westeros completely as they were unable to win the battle and it was just left like that.
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