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Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
Can someone tell me why Sansa is acting all badass and entitled now
While I do think the whole "she's the most clever person" thing to be questionable, I think I understand Sansa's motive. She's a Stark and Jon's brother but he spend much more time listening to other people's advice than his own family and making sure the Starks remain written in history.

As Arya said, Sansa vows for the Stark and want her family to remain at the top. After everything they've gone through, all the deaths, she feels it's deserved. But there come a random pretty queen with two dragons now suddenly Queen of the North.

She doesn't want to be tossed on the side. She feel that, as Starks, her family is owed the crown.

Let's not forget that she hasn't seen the threat yet. People talk about the White Walkers all the time but only Jon, his close friends, the Wildlings and Daenerys actually saw them. No one else. Reality will strike her eventually.

While it does come across as a bit petty (as Bran said "there's no time for that"), she hasn't known better. She's not a warrior. Being political is all she knows and can do.

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