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This will be my last bump as it seems that no-one else apart from me seems to be playing the game.

I'm nearly done playing on survival difficulty and it's not that hard most of the infected can be easily dealt with breakers present the only real challenge on survival difficulty and even then they can be easily dealt with if you have the right weapons like the C8 sniper rifle which is the most powerful sniper rifle in the game and the Chicago chopper which is the second most powerful weapon in the game, once you have these two weapons you are unstoppable.

For the mission where you have to retrieve a bag of yeast for Lt Whitaker just toss an attractor into the parking lot and sneak in through the back door while they are distracted, one breaker on survival difficulty is a handful fighting three breakers at once would be a nightmare.

The one character I can't take seriously is Colonel Garrett he looks like John Cleese I keep expecting him to do the silly walk at any moment.

The one character I hate the most is Skizzo.

My favourite NPC'S are Rikki Pattel, Boozer, Iron Mike, Captain Kouri and Sarah.

I haven't done the challenges yet, I've been concentrating on finishing the game on survival difficulty first.

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