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Originally Posted by DragonSlayer View Post
The one thing I would like to see changed if there is a sequel is missions from the various camps being given over the radio instead of me having to constantly return to a camp to get a mission, it was rather annoying having just left a camp to get a radio call telling me to come back to get a mission.

Returning to camps for missions should be limited to essential main story missions and not every mission that requires me to find a missing person, it's like Preston Garvey's endless find a missing person assignments in Fallout 4.

I would also like to see the following NPC'S in the sequel Boozer, Sarah and Rikki Pattel.
Yeah that would be nice, or at least have lesser loading times.
There are way too many and too long.
I think getting missions over the radio makes more sense because often you have to find someone or so that is on the run or they are missions that feel urgent.
Going to the camp to "accept" them seems kind of a waste of time.

If there is a sequel then absolutly, they need to return.
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