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I started the challenges a few days ago, the infinite horde challenge is going to be well challenging it's going to be tough that's for sure, my favourite challenge is the one next to it the one with the marauders I got quite far in that one.

My least favourite challenge is the one where Deacon is a taxi driver, one thing I would change about the challenges would be not having to stop to fix the bike with scrap when I'm up against the clock, I would eliminate having to refuel as well in the challenges where there is a time limit, some of the story missions gave you infinite fuel, it should have been that way in the challenges too just to make things a little easier.

It kind of sucks that the challenges have to be done online which I didn't know about until I tried to do them while offline, it's not like there is co-op involved the challenges could have easily been done offline and the stats uploaded when I next went online.
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