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Hands down the Tomb Raider game with the best story. Screw the whole AoD Bashing it was awesome and Lara looked never better, deadlier and sexier (in a non sexualized way if that makes any sense lol). The combination itself with the dark setting, paired with the whole story just makes her whole character so badass. And i loved the script of the game. The dialogues were great (especially the one with Janice lol) favourite quote from the whole game...

Move along, ma cher, you make the place look crowded.
Janice, you are the best secondary character in a video game, we love you!

Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
I posted in the General Tomb Raider thread in General Chat that I'm transcribing the PS2 version's script. It can be found here. Any thoughts on it so far?)
It looks very interesting, keep up the good work! There is a true fan working on that.

Btw never liked Kurtis that much as other people, but he was acceptable.
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