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Aha! This is a known thing. Something to do with the fact that in TR1 blank skin colour is a single colour value for example. - these will show in editing tools as a red tile but it's not actually how it will present ingame. Same may happen to other objects that may use a strict one colour texture (eg a pure black). I can imagine the inventory headphones object with the red squares as I type while that explains what you see...and it's actually non problematic....

What I DONT sadly know is how to turn these tiles *on* as retexturable ones. From my memory clicking on them does nothing in pixstr..and tr2345 outfits dont have this problem. Someone may have to chime in here

Or faster yet - I'd Google search wildcard red square tile pixstr trviewer

You'll surely find historical posts on the exact topic and perhaps even a workaround

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