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Do not allow your game to upgrade to 0.13 version. If it does, you won't be able to open the game anymore.
A lot of people on Discord reported this issue, and it just happened to me as well. The game was automatically updated and now it no longer works.

At this point, I am honestly sure that the dev team behind this game are not experienced at all with Android app development and they are just learning as they go. Not a single build of this game came out without various issues, from tedious ones to absolutely game breaking.

If someone literally playtested the new changes at least once they would have seen the issues so I assume they don't even do QA, the people playing the game currently are viewed as unpaid testers.

Been playing this game on and off since it launched in Early Access and honestly the level of unprofessionalism is disappointing. Sure I get it, it's an Early Access game so bugs are to be expected. But it's also an EA game where you can spend real money on and some people have.

Some of those people, at least according to Discord messages, haven't been able to play for 20+ days and they have no response from anyone on the dev team about a potential solution.

It was also disheartening, to me, watching people report how they are unable to play the game anymore all day yesterday, and the people marked as "devs" on the discord didn't even bother to respond or offer any feedback. Still haven't. Yet we can see their activity on Discord telling us how they are playing other video games instead. Sure, no one needs to work 24/7 on a game, but we are now approaching 24 hours since this build dropped and no official response. Just unprofessional.

One good thing about TRR is the Community Manager from Discord. Fox. But sometimes (very often) it feels like the dev team isn't even talking to her frequently. She often knows as little as we the players. If not less.

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