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I tried many theories to get TR1 working without the FPS or frame pacing tanking.

1. Create various GPU profiles with test settings.

2. Set the priority of the exe to high which has fixed the game starting with fluctuating FPS and frame pacing but still tanks 30 mins later.

3. Set reg entries for image execution options exe for CPU/IO/Page Priority tested from 2 to 4 hex.

4. Used D3doverrider with the exe profile to lock vsync or triplebuffering which does seem to fix the fluctuating frame pacing but still again tanks 30 mins later.

5. Allocated >2GB RAM flag to every dll and exe to test if there was any memory leak or max limit.

6. Edited various settings in the rage ini and patch folder ini

7. Updated various TombATI DDraw Rage dlls which all break with many bugs, black backgrounds/intros screens, no HD textures, just a mess. Looks like the Automated fix is the best version of all the modded dll's.

Seems from researching online that TR1-5 are just bugged even with mods, the devs/publishers have left these great games to rot, absolute scum bags, they **** out new TR Nvidia gimmiks and forget what made them what they are today, shameful.

If anyone could help us here that would be great as I have no idea anymore.

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