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3 - How to install custom levels?

Please also check out Wizzkiddo's thread on this topic.
Attention new players

You can install custom levels in two ways: manual and by using an installation program.

Manual installment

Usually a custom level comes with a readme file explaining how to install the levels. If this is not the case you can use the file chart below.

- Files: script.dat, english.dat and load.bmp
Folder: TRLE main folder

- Files: WAD files
(files with the following extensions: *.lar *.CD *.raw *.sam *.sfx *.wad *.was *.tom *.swd *.txt)
Folder: TRLE/Graphics/Wads

(If the download contains these files you first need to convert the *.tom into a *.tr4 using the tom2pc.exe.
Run the program, under Edit Script click Add, then click Build All.)

- Files: *.tr4 files and uklogo.pak
Folder: TRLE/Data

- Files: Soundtrackfiles.
These files are numbered wave files, like 001.wav, 052.wav, etc.
Folder: TRLE/Audio

- Files: Sound sample files.
These are also wave files but they have names, like Lara_aha.wav, Fs_met2.wav, etc.
Folder: TRLE/Sound/Samples

Uvavoo has also created a user friendly Install Chart.
You can also view it on this page somewhere. Just scroll down. You can't miss it!

Installation Program

There are two programs available that allow you to easily install, manage and archieve custom levels:

- CLI-Suite
Created by Wizzkiddo.

- TR Level Manager

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