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9 - How to change Lara's outfit

The easiest way to change Lara's outfit is to retexture the original outfit. You can use STrpix for this. Strpix lets you export and import the outfit textures. You can then edit the textures using your favorite paint program.

It becomes a bit more complicated if you want to change Lara's meshes.
  • Use Strpix to export the meshes (in .dxf format)you want to change.
  • Then use Metaseqouia or another CAD type program to edit the meshes.
  • Import again in Strpix and retexture the mesh.
  • Sometimes joints get messed up when a skin mesh has been modified.
    E.g. with the head: if you import a new head mesh the ponytail gets messed up.
    To fix this you need to remap the vertice points of the hole where the joint or ponytail connects to the mesh. This can also be done using Strpix with the Remap Vertices feature. Don't forget to also run the Recalc Normals option after remapping! This fixes the lighting of the mesh. If you don't run this option you might get weird shadows.
    Tutorials on remapping vertices: A guide to remapping outfits by Sapper and a very short tutorial Remapping vertices with STRpix by Titak.

Maximum number of vertices (points) per mesh is 255 in the original TRLE. Exceed that and the outfit will not work properly and it can even crash the level!
Today, it is possible to exceed this 255 vertices per mesh limit by using either TREP or TRNG.

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